Menu – Gostilna Repovž

A brief description of what we offer:

The food in our restaurant is based on tasting menus. Shorter or somewhat longer menus, which are intertwined with our philosophy, provide an authentic experience of the local environment. The flavours are homely, the majority of ingredients are produced at our family farm, while those that we buy in come from local suppliers only. The food is that of today’s world, while the ambience remains faithful to that of a traditional Slovenian restaurant that respects tradition, the profession, and guests.

 Our menu is briefly described below. For further details click above or contact us.

Short walk

A walk through our 

4-course tasting menu 

/ €49


Accompanying wines: 28€


For the curious

Are you curious enough to 

try our five consecutive courses? 

/ €65


Accompanying wines: 35€

Royal menu

The best way to get acquainted with our home, 

farm and surroundings is through 

this menu with over 10 courses 

/ €95  


Accompanying wines: 49€ 

Family Lunches

For family get-togethers, for various palates and tastes. For all generations.


Cold starter:

A variety of cold starters, light bites and delicatessen products served in the centre of the table. For all tastes. Selected, arranged and connected.


Hot starter:

Seasonal soup or a warm starter


Main course:

Selected main courses – meat and vegetable-based. In the centre of the table. The ideal family meal!



 Of course, we won’t forget a sweet treat to end!

Price: 55 € / person

Children’s menus: from 20 € to 30 €

Pleaselet us know if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, have allergies or anyother special dietary requirements 

and we will be delighted to adapt the menu to your requirements.