flavours of tradition.

Po več kot 300 letih obstoja smo ponosni na dejstvo, da smo še vedno tradicionalna gostilna. Prostor, namenjen prijetnemu druženju, dobri hrani in deljenju trenutkov. Ko pripravimo jed, ki gostom prikliče spomine iz otroštva ali misel na ljubo osebo, vemo, da smo uspeli.

Types of menus

Tasting menus.

A piece of this, a bite of that, a sip of something that really hits the spot… Leave it to us. Regardless of which menu you choose, we guide you through a well-thought-out and carefully prepared repertoire of dishes, which, if you so choose, can be accompanied by selected finest wines. Experience an authentic local setting, with food set in today’s world.


Taste a walk through a four, five or 10-course tasting menu.

Short walk

A ‘walk’ through a
4-course tasting menu

Price: EUR 49
Accompanying wines: EUR 28

For the curious

Are you curious enough for a
repertoire of 5 courses?

Price: EUR 65
Accompanying wines: EUR 35

Royal Menu

Find out all about our house, farm and environment by talking a ‘walk’ through a 10-course menu.

Price: EUR 95 
Accompanying wines: EUR 49 

FAMILY LUNCH (minimum of 4 people)

A culinary gathering over a 4-course family menu.


For family gatherings (minimum of 4 people), for different tastes and preferences. Four courses for all generations.

Price: EUR 55 
Accompanying wines: EUR 28


A hearty breakfast for the weekend, which will leave you speechless.

A magnificent morning

A table full of our goodies and a range of products from local suppliers.

Price: EUR 20

Accompanying wines
Individual courses can be accompanied by a wine experience carefully selected by our sommelier. You can also choose from the range of wines on our wine list.
Accompanying cocktails

Our standard wine pairing will soon be joined by an exclusive cocktail pairing! With or without alcohol, for every selected taste.


Upon prior notice, menus can be adapted to cater for most dietary restrictions and allergies. All menus can be made gluten-free and lactose-free, and a vegetarian version can also be served. Vegan and vegetarian options are available for 4- and 5-course menus. A 20% surcharge to the above prices is added for vegan menus.
Individual dishes are not available.

The foundation of our work

Those who want to see must look with their heart. The essence is invisible to the eyes.

We realise that quality ingredients are a prerequisite for good dishes. A huge number of hardworking hands of our suppliers are behind every ingredient on the plate, which may be imperceptible at first, but are nevertheless indispensable to us. We are pleased to have found trustworthy partners. We live with nature, therefore we respect it and learn from it, and we also produce our ingredients organically. Find out about our Eco-Lab and our suppliers.

Learning and production in our own Eco-Lab
Our Eco-Lab enables us to carry out research, test production methods and constantly improve the ingredients on our plates. From vegetables and fruits to grains and wine. Homemade, organic and authentic.
We trust local suppliers

We trust our local suppliers to provide us with what we cannot grow ourselves. They share similar values with us and stand out in their surroundings. We learn from each other and grow together.

Good souls are inspired while curious stomachs are full. Have you ever wished that a pleasant evening would never end? Then why not stay with us for the night. We will take you into the new day with a sumptuous homemade breakfast. Maybe even outside, upon the first rays of sun. Our accommodation offers you a pleasant break from everyday life, while at the same time filling you with energy to explore our surroundings

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