Repovž Eco-Lab

organic production.

Why our own Eco-Lab?

Nature is the basis of our work.

Contact with nature, getting to know its resources, understanding its functioning, living with it. The wealth of our environment is immeasurable and has great significance for our work. Our own Eco-Lab allows us to learn through carrying out research, testing production methods and constantly improving the ingredients on our plates.

We research
Nature is our source of inspiration and ingredients. Understanding their origin and properties is key to preparing top-quality dishes, hence we also produce them ourselves.
We produce
Our own organic production of ingredients allows us to have control over their quality and method of extraction. This allows us to monitor, test and adjust conditions.
We improve
By improving the conditions for growth, we have the opportunity to improve the ingredients themselves. As a result, we can offer our guests a premium culinary product.

Farm to table.

We live in an environment that is distinctly ‘rustic’ and unspoilt. By cultivating our own vegetables, fruits, grains and other products, we are able to use home-produced ingredients in our kitchen. Each dish relies on the ingredients available and reflects the environment from which we come.

What we produce?

Fresh delights from our family gardens, fields, orchards, vineyards...

Our restaurant is located in the middle of a small village, surrounded by meadows and forests, which provides us with numerous possibilities for cultivating the land. We grow our own vegetables, herbs and various types of fruit in our gardens. Buckwheat and spelt are harvested in the fields, and our orchard is dedicated to Topaz apples. We even have our own vineyard!
Vegetables from our family garden

Wine from
our Blue Frankish vineyard

and spelt

and spices


and various types of juicy fruit

What we offer?

Our products.
We also devote part of our time to the production and packaging of our own products. If you would like to taste a piece of our restaurant and Eco-Lab at home, you can buy our range of products in our online store or pick them up after dinner in the restaurants. Among the products available are our homemade liqueurs, juices, vinegar, flours, biscuit, dried apples, jams and many other such delights.

We are recipients of a Michelin Green Star.

Green Star is an award that supports and promotes sustainability in cuisine. It emphasises the courage and ingenuity of restaurants that are responsible in using seasonal ingredients, working with sustainable producers, ensuring they leave a minimal environmental footprint, manage energy consumption and waste management, and have a fair attitude towards employees and guests. The award includes many aspects in various areas of work that are invisible at first glance but are nevertheless immensely important. Their commitment to sustainable gastronomy sets an example and creates positive change in the world
Even if at first the way ahead seems challenging, less profitable and full of obstacles, sometimes we must trust our own intuition and put rational thinking aside. We need to emphasise the broader meaning, nature and an understanding of each other, to look at the world ‘with the heart’. The Michelin Green Star award is our confirmation that we set out in the right direction more than twenty years ago. We firmly believe in a sustainable way of working and that it will be our guiding principle in the many years to come.

Meta Repovž
Chef, Gostilna Repovž