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Our essence.

Gostilna Repovž cannot exist without the word family.

When you come to us, practically the whole family serves and cooks for you.

Even ‘family members’ who are not direct relatives.

They all come from Šentjanž and have been working with us for many years. Some almost their entire lives.

As long as we are here together, as a family, no challenge is too great.

We look to the future, with our roots embedded in tradition and the local environment.

But always together.
As a family.

About us

The Gostilna Repovž team.


The tradition of our restaurant has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries.
The Repovž homestead has been our family home for more than 500 years.
Our ancestors lived off the surrounding land and resources provided by nature.
They made their home here and opened a restaurant 300 years ago.
Each generation taught the next, which led to knowledge being enhanced and passed on to successors.

We look to the future with respect for the past while continuing our family tradition.

We want to be here for the next 300 years. At the least. The Repovž story is certain to continue in a similar way because we can’t envisage it any other way. After all this time, we are still looking for new challenges and improvements. As long as we are together as a family, no challenge is too great. Our team makes us a force that is extremely difficult to stop.

Grega Repovž